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Nov 6

Fort Hood Tragic Shootings

Posted on Friday, November 6, 2009 in Articles

Fort Hood TexasWhat???? How can such a thing Happen? Are we all asleep at the wheel? So wrapped up in ourselves we do not notice what is happening around us. Or is it we the people are just not heard anymore in this world of hunger,
greed and hate.  It seems if some do not get their way, they are leaving and taking others with them. If any of you are so unhappy or mad please share your pain and be released of this evil grip that has you. No matter your religion, you know there is a higher power to pray to and help. For me it is God and My Saviour Jesus Christ. Seek help and rid evil thoughts. How selfish to harm others.  But you know we cause pain to others every day. We kill with our words and think nothing of it because that person is still alive. We do not see or feel the pain we have caused, perhaps we choose to be blind. But the pain is still there. I feel the pain. Do YOU? How often do we say things we know will hurt, and say it anyway?  To Many!!! Each Day may be our last.  How do we know we will make it home again? We all  need to wake up and live life to the fullest each day.   Tell those you love, you love them. Show others some kindness with a smile and kind words  Turn off that wonderful cell phone and talk to a real person. Eye contact. Pray and take a walk with God. Each day may be our last, make it count.  The ones you love may not come home so what are you going to do?

May God Please Bless All the Families involved.  May peace come to them soon. Please accept all in to your KINGDOM and heal all these hurting souls. Oh Father heal the wounded, body  mind and soul.  Bless us all that we can learn from this  evil act and cast out the devil.  Grant us the wisdom to help each other. By the Grace of God , please , Help us all to help each other.  Bless us to not harm others and to show love and joy to all we come in contact with. Help Us to help others in their time of need.   Praise the Lord for he, IS GOD, and GOOD.  Please Bring Justice to all .  IN GOD WE TRUST
In the Name Of Jesus Christ


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