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Apr 10

Robbed At Gunpoint

Posted on Saturday, April 10, 2010 in Articles

Monday a lady came into our Subway for breakfast because the Subway she normally goes to was closed do to a robbery. She did not have any details. Wednesday I told Eric about it. He got on his phone , found out Clifford street Subway had been robbed early Monday morning at gunpoint. The article was in the newspaper. We better be careful he says.

I Got to Subway Thursday morning and expected a very busy day. Groceries coming and we get a lot of customers as well. I had already set up the register and intent on getting the food all set up in the bane. The door was unlocked, open sign on. I did not hear the door open and was startled when a man with a gun  jumped over the counter. We had eye contact. I thought oh no here we go. He said come here, I asked where we going? To the office, he Say’s, as he walked  me to the back of the store with gun aimed on me. We do not have one. There is a desk with metal lock box he opened, nothing in there except daily register readings. Wheres the money?

In the register sir. We walk to the front of the store. Open the register, Open it! I opened the register.  Open the safe. I can’t sir. Get a bag, hold it open. Don’t look at me! Stop looking at me! I noticed he was even taking the rolled Change. I said, “do you want me to  double bag it?” No, If the cops come while I am here I will kill you!!! Go to the back and do not do anything until I am gone! I walked to the back of  the store and listened for door to chime, so I would know he had gone. I walked to phone and called 911. Of course once on the phone dispatch started asking me questions. Are you alright? What did he look like? What is he wearing? I was so calm while being robbed, now I am crying and just so emotional. My head is spinning. I call the owner of the store, tell her I been robbed. The police come while I am on phone and I have to hang up. D.J. says I will be right there. I guess I did not sound right on the phone because she said, “who is this Gail?”

Oh my God! Lord, Thank you for protecting me and walking beside me showing me  what to do and say. I know the hand of God be upon me this day.
A lady officer was first on the scene and here we go with questions again.
He was black with glasses, we had eye contact and something in his eyes told me, he really did not want to do this.  Did he have a hat on? No. A mask that covered all but his eyes. What did the gun look like? What was he wearing? Long sleeve  sweater striped like Freddy Cruger. Colors gray and black, long dark pants. Did he wear gloves? I do not know. I mainly noticed the gun. I was calm and did everything he said. I did not want to make this person mad.

We have cameras and after at least 50 tries I was able to access the video. One of the officers helped to find the right spot and a lot of my descriptions were wrong. He is black , but he does have a hat, long pants denim. His mask was white and he does have gloves on. The gun is very, very real though and a automatic. You can watch the video here:

The police did such a wonderful job. I am so thankful for the expert way they
handled this drama. One officer stopped by to see how I was , because he eats
there a few times a week and was concerned. I never knew how much people care until something like this happens. I had phone calls from so many people checking on me. It touches my heart so deeply, I cry every time I think about how wonderful everyone is. The crew at Subway stepped up and took care of business and sent  me home. I could not seem to focus and just started crying every time someone  hugged me or showed affection.  I was not scared to die for I have made peace. And I am now curious as to what happens when we do die.  I thank GOD this robbery happened to me, and not to any of the other employees. They are so young and have their lives ahead and do not need this kind of drama to complicate their lives.  I say Thank you Lord for keeping customers away while this was happening, so they where not put in harms way.

Thank you Gail

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Jan 6

2010 Is Here

Posted on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 in Articles

Truly amazing how quickly the years go by. I heard about a survey as to what to
call this new year.

1. Two Thousand Ten
2. Twenty Ten
3. Two K Ten

What do think? I like twenty ten.

Looks like this new year is going to bring some very cold weather. That seems strange to me since I keep hearing so much about global warming. If this is the case why is it so cold? “Mother Nature” is the answer, and Mom has a mind of her own.

I am sure there will be many other changes this year. I am going to do the best I can in all my endeavors and try and keep a good outlook and positive attitude. Its always fun to see how long we can last with this new beginning before we crumble and go back to our old habits. Let us all vow to be better. Do better and last longer on this new path. Lets make the best choices we can. I know it is real hard on a lot of folks right now. Some have way to much and others have nothing. People are selling items that have been in their family for generations just to be able to eat and have a place to stay. Jobs are being lost in record numbers as unemployment reaches record levels in this country. Companies are moving their operations overseas as manufacturing levels drop to all time lows. China is thriving as they flood our market with goods made in factories that pay their employees what is little more than slave labor. What ever happened to high quality products made in our country by craftsmen who took pride in their work? The answer is simple “MONEY”, It just simply costs more to manufacture a product in this country. And until we Americans stop buying and supporting all these imported goods it will only get worse. If this does not stop and we don’t begin manufacturing products in this country again we are all going to be up a creek without a paddle. Buy American and help put our people back to work even if it costs a little more, the job you save may be your own.
Meanwhile in Washington Obama and his cast of idiots are debating health care reform and where to put terrorists from “Guitmo”. They are trying to force all Americans to purchase health care insurance or face a penalty, and best of all have this process handled by the “IRS”. We all no what a good job these people do!

How do you pay for health care insurance or any penalty when you are unemployed and worrying how your going to feed your family the next week or if your going to be homeless and out on the street.
As far as those terrorists go leave them where there at! You hear stories on the news all the time about they have rights and the cruel treatment they receive. When you hear this bull remember those people in the towers, the Pentagon, and all of planes these morons used as missiles to kill innocent Americans. Think of all the families who lost a loved one in this horrible act. Ask any soldier who is serving his country fighting these idiots in one of those “Crap Hole” countries. Ask anybody who has been in an Iraqi or Afghanistan prison about the humane treatment they received. As far as I am concerned they have got it much better than they deserve.

Our “President” needs to get his head out of his ass and look at solving the
real issues that are killing our country before it’s to late for all of us.

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